May 19, 2020 • 1HR 0M

116: Life After Coronavirus - Liabilities, Litigation, Lifestyle & Lysol

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The Save My Freedom Movement
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🌟THE MASSI MEMO🌟 📣 Robert Massi and I discuss the "Current state of affairs", Why every American needs to be concerned about their civil liberties and rights, Stay At Home Orders, Fines, Why it's important to know your state's status and orders, How liability and insurance are in control of when life gets back to "normal" and how litigation will shape what that new "normal" will look like. Robert gives some valuable advice for small business owners & sole proprietors to protect themselves with 1 piece of paper and we add just the right amount of humor to keep it all interesting 👍  ✔ BEFORE You Purchase Anything Online...Check Out We've partnered with 24 Well-Known Websites & Brands so 2% to 20% of your TOTAL Purchase is DONATED to financially support "VETS - PETS & KIDS" 😇 🌟 VISIT: For all of our Episodes, Social Media Links, Join Our Newsletter & to Meet, Learn from and Hire the Experts and Professionals of The Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace. Click Our CORONA SUPPORT RESOURCE Tab for Info to help you personally & professionally. Good People 😇 doing Good Business 💸 & Good Things 👍 🌟 Please RATE & REVIEW & you'll receive 1 entry to WIN a FREE Give-Away in our Monthly Contests VISIT:  🎧 Subscribe On Your Favorite Podcast Player