Jun 2, 2020 • 55M

118: Behind The Scenes Of Classic TV Comedies - It's All About The Writers

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Today we’re going back in time to discuss the writers and behind the scenes stories of several of the most memorable shows in television comedy. Ken Estin is an Emmy Award Winning veteran comedy writer and was the showrunner of Cheers and Taxi and creator of The Tracy Ullman Show. Paula Finn is the author of Sitcom Writers Talk Shop: Behind The Scenes With Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, James L. Brooks and Other Geniuses of TV Comedy. Her father, Herbert Finn, wrote such classics as The Honeymooners, The Flintstones and Gilligan's Island. Paula shares stories from her interviews with the legends and personal experiences. Ken provides interesting insight on his shows, sitcoms and the industry. 🌟 VISIT: www.EverythingHomeTalkShow.com For Paula’s info, all of our Episodes, Social Media Links, Join Our Newsletter & to Meet, Learn from and Hire the Experts and Professionals of The Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace Good People 😇 doing Good Business 💸 & Good Things 👍 Please RATE & REVIEW & you'll receive 1 entry to WIN a FREE Give-Away in our Monthly Contests. VISIT: https://ratethispodcast.com/everythinghome 🎧 Subscribe On Your Favorite Podcast Player ✔ BEFORE You Purchase Anything Online...Check Out https://reviveouramericandream.com/  We've partnered with 24 well-known websites & brands so 2% to 20% of your TOTAL Purchase is DONATED to financially support "VETS - PETS & KIDS"