Sep 15, 2020 • 1HR 5M

124: Success Tips For Business And Life From Family Business Queen Mitzi Perdue

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Part 2 of my conversation with the infamous Queen of Family Business, Mitzi Perdue. Both episodes are filled with stories, quotes and incredible advice that may just change your life and business for the better. She gets very personal and shares her struggles, faults, insecurities and even her stuttering disability. She describes her actions taken to overcome all of this to become the successful woman she is today. It's also a reminder that growing up in the shadow of a famous family isn't all that it's cracked up to be and how important it is to establish your own identity. Her experiences provide inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Mitzi talks about her new book How To Be Up In Down Times, which is featured on our so by clicking our links to BUY, 2% of your total purchase is DONATED to help Vets-Pets & Kids! Her focus is now directed towards her true passion - devoting the rest of her life to stopping human trafficking. She recently founded and has a very challenging road ahead, but who better to accomplish this than Mitzi Perdue? Mitzi's an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, philanthropist and founder of CERES Farms, in 1974, which is now one of the larger producers of wine grapes in CA.  Her father was President & Co-Founder of the Sheraton Hotel Chain and her husband was Frank Perdue of the infamous Perdue Chicken Farms.  Love the show? Rate, Review & Share! Visit For Mitzi's Info, All Episodes, Subscribe & More!