Sep 29, 2020 • 51M

126: The Truth About The Coronavirus CON With Clay Clark-Author Of Fear Unmasked

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EVERYTHING you've been told about the Coronavirus is a LIE! Clay gives 8 quick important points in only 5 minutes to reveal the TRUTH. In the chaotic world we live in today, it has become harder and harder to tell the FACTS from the LIES. With the COVID-19 pandemic at hand, getting a grip on true and reliable information is more important than ever. Helping us with that, host Michele Swinick sits down with Clay Clark, the author of Fear Unmasked, the book that gives you the essential information you need to know about the Coronavirus, the government shutdown, and the media which is perpetuating the hysteria. Clay shares with us some juicy facts that can help us understand the current pandemic while anchoring on the Christian faith. Join in on this episode as Michele and Clay kick-start the Coronavirus TRUTH Crew that can help us Flatten The Fear, ReOpen America and get back to normal again! Love the show? Rate, Review, Subscribe and Share! Rate & Review VISIT For Clay's Info, All Episodes, To Subscribe & Much More!   ONE Location For All The Information  Five Programs Providing EVERYTHING You Need!