Oct 20, 2020 • 58M

127: Americans For Limited Government - You Couldn't Be More Opposite Than Biden

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The Save My Freedom Movement
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We're in jeopardy of losing the America we know and love...FOREVER!  You've heard the upcoming election is the "most important in our history" and this time, it really is. Donald J. Trump is the only choice to prevent the Democrats and radical left from taking away your Freedoms and bringing Socialism to your daily lives. Do you think the Coronavirus Shutdowns and the Mask Mandates are bad? You ain't seen nothing yet! Everything is on the line Nov. 3rd. Do you want Prosperity & Patriotism or Economic Despair and Complete Government Control? On today’s podcast, Richard Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government has a serious discussion with Michele Swinick about what will happen if Biden wins, a few inspirational stories to remind us of what an amazing country we have, how each of us can do 1 thing every day to SAVE her and more importantly, WHY she's worth saving! Love the show? Rate, Review, Subscribe & Share! Rate & Review  http://EverythingHomeRateUs.com Read The Blog  http://bit.ly/SaveAmericaNow http://EverythingHomeResourcePlatform.com For Rick's Info, All Episodes, Resources To Grow Your Biz & Life, Subscribe & Much More