Nov 3, 2020 • 53M

129: Star Parker & Rick Manning Talk "Necessary Noise" - Trump & The Culture War

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The Save My Freedom Movement
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Our nation has accepted the language of the left & as a result, America was afraid to talk about Freedom, afraid to talk about the issues that mattered to us culturally. The lie that we were fed: Talking about Religion & Politics was impolite. They were then able to take a hold on our culture & begin to push out ideas that were contrary to our founding. If we're afraid to express our beliefs as Christians, then we are not Christians. Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to sit in your basement & think about it, he said go forth & make disciples & he means it for us today. We're not going to win the debate with the left using the old model of complaining & shutting down the dialogue by calling them stupid. Star Parker & Rick Manning discuss their book, “Necessary Noise” which provides a new approach & framework for how to take part in this important time in history using our voices in an effective way. If you Buy their book at 2% of your purchase price is DONATED to the nonprofit CURE We're proud to have Star & Rick as Partners in the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network  Love The Show? Rate & Review & get 1 entry to WIN our monthly giveaway For Star & Rick's Info, All Episodes, To Subscribe, Join Our Community, Learn About Our Transformational Programs & More!