Oct 12, 2020 • 2M

2012: How You Can Save America By Doing This 1 Thing - Advice From Rick Manning

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The Save My Freedom Movement
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We're at risk of losing our country and freedom forever on November 3rd. Listen to Rick Manning of Americans For Limited Government explain how YOU can save her with only 1 simple action item If Joe Biden and the radical left win the election, then America as we know it will be permanently changed forever...for the WORSE We will loose all the freedoms that make this country the most amazing one that's ever existed The democrats will pack the Supreme Court with liberal-minded justices which allows them to expand their Socialist ideology directly into our laws and way of life If you think the government overreach of the Coronavirus Shutdowns were bad, that was just a sample of how bad it's going to get 1st Amendment = GONE 2nd Amendment = GONE Elimination of your freedom of religion Tax payer funded abortion Government take over of healthcare with a Public Option Free healthcare for illegals Ice will be abolished Reimagining of the police NO FRACKING and we will no longer be energy independent DC & Puerto Rico will become states providing 4 more Senate seats for democrates and permanent control Free college Implementation of the Green New Deal costing $100 Trillion Removal of "Right To Work" Net zero agriculture - meaning farmers can't use tractors How are they going to pay for all of this? Be prepared because your taxes are going to INCREASE like never before! It's time we all step up, Keep America Free & SAVE her! If each of us follows his advice, WE CAN DO THIS! Listen to his full episode on October 20th to be reminded of WHY she's worth saving. VISIT http://EverythingHomeResourcePlatform.com to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss it!