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Without election integrity, we do not have a functioning Republic.

Arizona is now the poster child for Election Interference, for Voter Fraud, and for Stolen elections, but this corruption and the consequences go far beyond the boundaries of the the State.

Arizona needs to fix both the 2020 and the 2022 elections. People need to face charges.

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Dr. Shiva: Corrupt Political Candidates, the Great Awakening in Truth, Freedom & Health

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Many Patriots are working hard to expose and litigate the corruption of 2020 & 2022. Much has been exposed and a few cases have even been won but no meaningful changes have been made. The lawless unconstitutional Cabal controls all mechanisms in place to stop them. In my opinion these problems will never be fixed through law. Law is only effective when it holds all violators accountable and is enforced without discrimination. I propose a United network of all Patriots vetted by their neighbors with representation from every county across the United States. Through this network real fact checking by everyone could be done and people could be made aware of the lies made by mainstream media. With all Patriots well informed I believe clear solutions would become apparent. The Cabal owns or controls most or maybe all media, many Patriots are still unaware they are constantly being lied to. It would be a big project to set up but with a group from every county working on it great ideas would flow. I'm confident it would be better than Mark Zuckerberg or any other social media guru could put together. And it would be truth, not their propaganda. Please contact me to discuss setting up a County Constitutional Patriot network at freedomusa001@protonmail.com. I have posted many similar posts and get no response. People I talk to think I have good ideas. I believe my email is being censored so talk to others about the idea if you think it may work.

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